Bruce Gubnitsky

Today’s News May 8, 2012

– Florida Realtors: Spend $100M on workforce housing Florida Realtors and coalition of housing groups want $100M of mega-bank settlement added to Fla. housing trust fund. Despite slow job growth, consumers feel even better about ownership Despite slow job growth, attitudes about homeownership, the economy and personal finances continue...

Today’s News May 4, 2012

– Flood insurance will cost more after Oct. Money-losing fed program will increase rates an average 5% and nix rebates that some insurers currently offer clients.

Today’s News May 3, 2012

– Fla. second-best U.S. state for business Annual CEO survey finds that only Texas is better for taxes, workforce quality, regulations and other criteria.

Today’s News May 2, 2012

– National flood insurance program ends day hurricane season starts NFIP ends May 31 as group campaigns for long-term extension; but 30-day coverage delay means owners should sign up now. Commercial and construction rebounds in 2011 NAIOP study: 2011 first year for gains since recession began; spending up 12%;...

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The formal medical term used to describe the act of picking one’s nose is The first systematic scientific study of the phenomenon may have been undertaken as recently as 1995, by a pair of US researchers named Thompson and Jefferson. They sent a survey by mail to 1,000 adult...

Today’s News May 1, 2012

– Is Fla.’s shadow inventory a rebound threat? Florida Realtors analysis: Shadow inventory growth seems to be slowing, and an uptick in demand should absorb supply.

Today’s News April 30, 2012

– Replacement value: Owners have new options Gov. Scott signed HB 1101 last week, giving Citizens Ins. owners flexibility in determining replacement value.

Today’s News April 27, 2012

– Latest lead generation tool: Geomarketing Using GPS and app technology, agents can target smartphone ads to people who are actively shopping in their farm area. Keeping a home in ready-to-sell condition Owners get used to a home’s flaws, but buyers see each one. UF guide helps sellers pinpoint...

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So that is it, Sony has started running it’s company like American Auto Manufacturers. Months after my screen went dead, my whole VAIO crashed and burned. I WILL NoT BUY Sony’s products anymore, they either suck or too expensive. Still putting people into housing and they poor, Lazenby said....

Today’s News April 26, 2012

– Citizens ponders but ultimately declines to raise rates significantly for new buyers Pressured to boost rates, Fla.’s insurer considered higher fees for new buyers only; didn’t make significant changes. March pending home sales rise, market recovering NAR: March saw 23-month high for U.S. homes under contract – 4.1%...