Such a dog may be even made to stay outside for stretches of | Bruce Gubnitsky

Such a dog may be even made to stay outside for stretches of

Luke instruction in the Force amounts to, at most, a week or so with Kenobi and a few weeks on Dagobah. There no indication that it took the Millennium Falcon months to reach Bespin, and Luke X Wing doesn carry enough supplies for him to take a months long flight to or from Yoda adopted homeworld. There a difference between being really good at something and being a really good teacher, and Luke own history positions him as the whiz kid who barely had to lift a finger in Force Studies how well is he going to cope with students who might be on the cusp of being powerful enough to qualify as Jedi, but need a few courses in Remedial Force Lift? What would he do with students with gifts in areas other than his own? His lightsaber combat skills are instinctual, not polished.

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